Whats this world without a job

Even in this perilous world of coranvirus and swine flu; some people just wear a mask and carry on with their daily routine of work.Some people talk about thoughts and feelings which is feel is all gas.Do a job.get certfied.get paid.Thats a totalitarian life.



There are many things happening in the internet world today. is it safer now than what it was or was it safer then then what it is today? all I can say is that the internet is a much better; fun filled place for all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds; all because of the wealth of information that is available today; even if you are lost anywhere in the world; you can still come back home safe and sound if u have a gps connection on your mobile; some cash and trustworthy people.!Firewall securites;applets games;movies;videos;social media;travel;food;everything can be found and discovered on the Internet.  God bless the Internet; it keeps me entertained and busy.Lets make it more creative; vibrant and amazing than never before.Lets show the door to people who are in the search of new careers; new ideas; new communities; new people; all by making use of the Internet.We need not take the trouble to travel to some place and arrange a meeting; it can all be done in the comfort of your living room. Lets write; create and explore many avenues; than ever before.

Happy and safe browsing.

God bless humanity


Niranjan Kamath

Software Programmer; Mumbai.


What are we doing in life!

Hi buddies. I have heard from friends and family relatives that the best possible way to live a good life is to get paid for what you love to do. We all have talents and skills; its our job to utilise them to the best of our abilities in a prolonged and consistent manner if we want to achieve “success”.Success in life never comes overnight ; be it any profession; a lot of consistent and sustained effort is required to be successful in our careers be it at sport; work or play. I plan to pursue my career as a blogger and see how far I can go in my endeavour. Blogging always fascinated me because I felt that its one of the most creative ways in which one can express his thoughts and ideas to an international community and get appreciated for what you have posted.i hope to go the distance and I am liked for what I post. I wish my fellow friends all the best as well .Thanks and have a great day ahead.

Niranjan Kamath,IT Graduate ,India