There are many things happening in the internet world today. is it safer now than what it was or was it safer then then what it is today? all I can say is that the internet is a much better; fun filled place for all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds; all because of the wealth of information that is available today; even if you are lost anywhere in the world; you can still come back home safe and sound if u have a gps connection on your mobile; some cash and trustworthy people.!Firewall securites;applets games;movies;videos;social media;travel;food;everything can be found and discovered on the Internet.  God bless the Internet; it keeps me entertained and busy.Lets make it more creative; vibrant and amazing than never before.Lets show the door to people who are in the search of new careers; new ideas; new communities; new people; all by making use of the Internet.We need not take the trouble to travel to some place and arrange a meeting; it can all be done in the comfort of your living room. Lets write; create and explore many avenues; than ever before.

Happy and safe browsing.

God bless humanity


Niranjan Kamath

Software Programmer; Mumbai.


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